La Laguna Handwoven Poncho

La Laguna Handwoven Poncho

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La Laguna is your take anywhere and everywhere poncho, with a strong woven texture that softens luxuriously over time, it holds up at the beach, on your way to yoga, on the road less travelled, and on those evenings as the sun sets, the air cools and you need to throw on something free flowing and graceful as you dream-weave your way through the night.

Handwoven and naturally plant dyed in the tiny village of San Juan La Laguna, hidden among the sleeping volcanoes of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

Cotton is picked, hand spun then dyed using ancient Mayan techniques using different plants to obtain different shades, often in sync with the moon - plants harvested during a full moon will often render different colours.

Unlike synthetic dyes, plant based dyes won’t irritate the skin or fill our environment or our personal space with toxins and chemicals.

La Laguna is made by a small association of about 30 women who work together to develop their skills and sell their art to improve the lives of their families. Every purchase supports them in this endeavour. 

We embrace the  idea of Wabi-Sabi: beauty in the imperfect. These ponchos are handmade and therefore each unique in their own way. No machines means no perfectly straight stitches. Just strong knits made with strong, loving hands.

One size fits most.

We suggest hand washing your poncho. Although not necessary, this poncho also benefits from a wash before your first wear to soften the fabric. 

A mini lesson in Spanish:

Negro - Black

Amarillo - Yellow

Rosa - Pink

Blanco - White

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