Rombo Embera Earrings

Rombo Embera Earrings

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We don't believe in saving your big earrings for special occasions.  

For when you feel like a spring fling, something to transcend the Monday blues or add a touch of colour and artistry to an everyday outfit. 

Filled with passion and made lovingly with hands full of wisdom, as they softly dance around your beautiful face, feel a connection with the maker and imbue the jewels with new stories of your own adventures. 

Designed by Maria Paulina and made with crystal beads embroidered by the indigenous women of the Embera Chami tribe in Colombia, combined with a handmade metal piece in gold plated copper. Each piece embraces the traditional ancestral skills unique to different tribes and allows the women to support themselves financially.  

More than just an accessory, each Makua piece is a connection between you, the wearer, and the woman who handcrafts the piece. A divine magnification of global sisterhood and women empowering other women.  

Earrings made with Czech crystal beads and handmade metal piece in gold plated copper.

Made in Colombia by Makua