La Luna Handwoven Poncho

La Luna Handwoven Poncho

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A sophisticated piece that transitions easily through the places and spaces you need to be on any given day.

La Luna poncho, like the moon, is subtle yet striking with its dark navy offset with a hint of light and flare. Forget cardigans and blazers, wrap La Luna around your shoulders and feel the mysterious ability a poncho has in allowing you to feel empowered, free and supported all at once. 

The white pattern down the wide sleeves is created by a technique known as 'ikat.' Ikat is a traditional resist dye technique used by the Mayans to incorporate patterns onto the fabric. Similar to tie-dye it is done before the yarn is woven. 

It can take up to several days to create a panel of textile, it's an extremely intricate and time consuming art.

Made with 100% low impact dyed cotton, this piece comes from Ketzali Accessories who work closely with 36 men and women artisans in Guatemala to hand make each woven piece with care and traditional skills.  

Every piece purchased supports and empowers the artisans to improve their living standards for their families and communities. 

We embrace the idea of Wabi-Sabi: beauty in the imperfect. These ponchos are handmade and therefore each unique in their own way. No machines means no perfectly straight stitches. Just strong knits made with strong, loving hands.

One size fits most. 

We recommend hand washing your poncho.