A Moment With...Kira Simpson from The Green Hub

kira simpson the green hub byron bay natural sustainable This is the first in a mini series chatting to an inspiring bunch of people making a difference in sustainable fashion and conscious living and getting their top tips for shopping ethically and living more responsibly - that we can also adopt one step at a time. 


I'm really excited to have Kira Simpson, founder of The Green Hub as the first chat as she has created a beautiful and practical space to learn everyday life hacks to living a bit more green, with a little less plastic and a lot more love!

Here we go...

In a nutshell what is The Green Hub?

The Green Hub is an online publication sharing the latest brands, research, tips and guides to help empower people to make sustainable fashion and lifestyle choices.

What was it that made you conscious of eco/ethical fashion?

I started a blog while I was studying a Masters of Sustainability and Climate Policy (deferred when I started a business) with the intention to write about environmental issues. I look back now and see that my approach was WAY too serious lol! A few months in I started coming across other eco bloggers on social media who wrote about ethical fashion. It was a pretty shocking discovery. Here I was using eco-friendly cleaning and beauty products and virtuously ranting about how our lifestyles are destroying the planet when I had not even considered fashion could be unethical or a major polluter!

Your top 3 tips to shopping ethically...

The ethics around what we wear are a very personal choice and what I deem to be ethical and sustainable will not be exactly the same for you but you can use these tips as a basic guide.

  • Do your research. Use apps and sites like Good On You, Project Just and of course The Green Hub, to find brands which align with your values.
  • Learn about certifications such as GOTs (Global Organic Textile Standard), ECA (Ethical clothing Australia) and WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production). Once you understand what these labels mean, it’s so much easier to find clothes you love.
  • Buy good quality every time. It’s much better for your bank balance and the environment if you invest in a few well made items of clothing rather than having an overstuffed wardrobe of poorly made ones. It’s expensive in the short term, but these clothes will keep their shape and colour and last longer, saving you money in the long term.

Your favourite eco fabric to wear...

I live on the Gold Coast which is hot most of the year so I love light fabrics that breathe. Most of my dresses are cotton or linen and recently I’ve been looking at investing in some vegetable dyed linen pieces. Linen is one of my favourite fabrics because they still look good when wrinkled and I hate ironing!

Suggested reading...

Wardrobe Crisis by Clare Press – It’s fashion 101 and Clare is a brilliant writer, It’s like having a chat with a friend.

Half The Sky by Nicholas D. Kristoff & Sheryl Wudunn – It’s confronting but an important book which highlights the extreme inequality females face in the developing word and how education is the key to solving the world’s poverty crisis.

The Circle by Dave Eggars – Think Facebook and Google take over the world, it’s a really light, fun read.

Suggested viewing...

A Plastic Ocean – available on Netflix but there are screening coming to Australia this month, I’ll have the details on The Green Hub. It’s shocking but so necessary. Please watch it.

Anything by David Attenborough to remind us how incredible our world really is and why it’s worth fighting to save. Plus his voice is so soothing!

In the shower I keep...

Dr Bronners shower gel in lemon

Cleanser which at the moment is a Dermalogica one I’m using the last of

Green People shampoo

O&M conditioner

Mukti facial exfoliant

Jaqueline Evans cacao and orange body polish

On my bedside table...

A Conscious Collection magazine

Not Just Lucky by Jamila Rizvi

A bottle of water

The Beauty Chef lip balm

Current obsession...

Lightooom! Dave (my husband) and I have started taking more of our own photos for The Green Hub and I do all the editing. I love it! It’s so much fun learning how to make an ordinary photo look incredible.

Once a month I…

Plan the next month. My work and personal life are really laid back with minimal stress but I can only achieve this by being organised. By having structure and making plans in advance, I always feel prepared and have more time to relax rather than rushing around. No plans means chaos and stress!

In fashion, are you a minimalist or 'maximist' and why?

I am a minimalist. It’s so hot here I hate the feeling of constricting clothes and layers. I don’t wear much jewellery save for a wedding band and a necklace. A loose dress, sandals and a hat and I’m set for the day.

Top tip to go plastic free/latest habit you've made/changed to go plastic free...

I’m that person who likes to say I used a Keepcup before it was cool! After nearly four years, it’s become second nature to take it.

BYO grocery bags is the easiest change you can make. Leave them by the door so you don’t forget.

Food has been a challenge. I buy all our cereal, nut butters, pasta, sugar and other cupboard staples from The Source where I reuse glass jars. After watching A Plastic Ocean I’m feeling more motivated to eliminate plastic from our cupboard entirely. The fridge is not so easy! I need to find plastic free berries, baby spinach, dairy free yoghurt, almond milk (my homemade tastes terrible) and cheese. We also eat fish and chicken a few times a week which both come wrapped in plastic.

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