A Few Moments With...The Un-Material Girl

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This is the second in a mini series chatting to an inspiring bunch of people making a difference in sustainable fashion and conscious living and getting their top tips for shopping ethically and living more responsibly - that we can also adopt one step at a time. 


Leah-Jane Musch, aka 'The Un-Material Girl,' is on a mission to change the way we shop and spend through sharing slow fashion inspiration. She mixes it up on her social channels with cute vintage finds, pieces from ethical or sustainably focussed fashion companies, neat up-cycling ideas using pieces she has found in rummage sales and vintage stores or creatively recycling pieces that have been past on from friends - and there is never a dull moment in her wardrobe!
Just before Leah embarked on a four month trip to Milan to study, I got a few moments to chat and she reveals some hot tips to make easy changes to living more consciously in support of people and the planet. 
In a nutshell what do you stand up for?

Making conscious decisions when it comes to the clothing we wear, whether that's by asking where/who/how it was made or what it's made of. 


What was it that made you conscious of eco/ethical fashion?

Watching the documentary 'The True Cost' had a huge impact on me, and after that I started reading blogs and books about what's truly happening in the fashion industry. 

For a beginner, your top 3 tips to shopping ethically...

1. Ask the tough questions, like 'who made my clothes?' and try to support labels that are transparent about their production cycle.

2. Host a clothing swap with your friends.

3. Rummage, thrift, eBay, buy-sell-swap groups on Facebook, raid your Nanna's closet - enjoy the challenge!

Your favourite eco fabric to wear...

Eco fabric is a tricky term as all fabrics have environmental pros and cons, however as a Queenslander I love to wear natural fibres like silk and cotton. 

Suggested reading... The Minimalists

Suggested viewing... The True Cost

In the shower I keep...

Thank You Peppermint body wash, R+C Shampoo and Conditioner (vegan, cruelty free, paraban & sulphate free)

On my bedside table...

Peppermint magazine and a fresh glass of water. Always.

Current obsession...

Learning Italian in preparation for my upcoming four month study trip to Milan. 

Once a month I… Eat a Happy Meal. 

In fashion, are you a minimalist or maximist and why?

I'm a minimalist in that I don't bring clothes into my life that I don't see sticking around with me for a long time, or that I'll be able to sew and turn into something new or take to my next clothing swap event.

Top tip to go plastic free/latest habit you've made/changed to go plastic free...

I purchased a KeepCup from my workplace (Biome) and haven't looked back! Plus I've saved money every time I've bought a coffee too, as my local place offers discounts for reusable cup users. 

You can follow Leah @unmaterialgirl

Read her blog www.unmaterialgirl.com